Character Day-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Wacky Wednesday-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Twin Tuesday-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Pajama Day-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Steed’s Dairy Farm Trip 22-23

CPR Training 22-23

Open House 22-23

End of The Year Graduation 21-22

Science Fair May 22

Salat Competition Ceremony

Eid Al-Fitr Celebration

Ramadan Iftar with ASA Families

Ramadan 2022 at ASA

Riverbanks Zoo March/22

Spirit Week March/22

Pre-K Classroom January 2022

Culture Day Nov. 21

Augusta Canal Field Trip October 21

PJ Day 09/23/21

Dolphin Visit to ASA

Imam Jawad surprised the students with a visit as a dolphin. 09/22/2021

2021-2022 Open House

Science Fair 20-21

Hajj Program 20-21

New PreK-K Classroom

End Of Year Celebration 2018-2019

Activities 2018-2019

Open House 2018-2019

ASA 2017-2018