• Excellent Education

    Raising the next generation American Muslim leaders through excellent education.

  • Islamic Studies

    We offer daily Quran classes with Tajweed learning.

  • Best Curriculum

    We are following the Columbia County School District curriculum.

  • Learn Arabic

    The main goal of Arabic classes is to be able to read and understand the Holy Quran.


We are following the Columbia County School District standards in English Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies. We also offer a robust Islamic Studies curriculum with Quran and Tajweed learning. We are proud to introduce Arabic curriculum this year. We believe that in order to understand the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad PBUH Ahadeeth our kids need to learn the language in which they were originally revealed. So, we offer a leveled curriculum to meet our kids’ needs and abilities.

Why Choose Us

Augusta Science Academy provides Islamic Education and Academic Excellence.

Self Esteem

Students Islamic identity will flourish and their self esteem with grow.

Conducive Environment

Students are in an environment conducive to learning while upholding Islamic values.

Moral Understanding

Less peer pressure stemming from differences in moral environment.

Class Participation

Low student to teacher ratio that encourages greater participation in class.