100th Day of School Jan. 18 23-24

Spirit Week: Character Day Dec. 15

Spirit Week: Hat Day Dec. 14

Spirit Week: Crazy Hair Day Dec. 13

Spirit Week: Twin Day Dec. 12

Spirit Week: Pajama Day Dec. 11

Reed Creek Field Trip Nov. 15

Culture Day Nov. 13

Colonial Day Field Trip Oct. 20

Career Day 23-24

Parent Career Day 23-24

Firefighters Visit 23-24

Open House 23-24

End of Year Graduation 22-23

Field Day 22-23

Book Character Day-March 6

Aesop’s Fables-Bell Auditorium February 24

Techie Kids Club

February Read and Treat

Character Day-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Wacky Wednesday-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Twin Tuesday-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Pajama Day-Spirit Week Nov. 22-23

Steed’s Dairy Farm Trip 22-23

CPR Training 22-23

Open House 22-23

End of The Year Graduation 21-22

Science Fair May 22

Salat Competition Ceremony

Eid Al-Fitr Celebration