It is my honor and pleasure to join the Augusta Science Academy (ASA) as school principal. I have been working in the field of education for almost 20 years, and I’m privileged to serve the Muslim community in Georgia, as I did before in California and Arizona. I have a Master of Arts in English awarded from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and English awarded from Alexandria University. Before working as a full time school administrator, I taught in three different countries: USA, Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a licensed K-8 teacher and as a licensed ESL/EFL (English as a Second/Foreign Language) instructor. I also recently earned a Diploma in Leadership and Management from Nottinghill College, UK.

Before joining ASA, I have worked as a Vice Principal at Andalus International School in Saudi Arabia, where I was responsible for curriculum, instruction, evaluation, assessment, recruitment, professional development, data analysis as well as accreditation and quality assurance. During my seven years with Andalus, I was able to establish a sound Educational system with the help of ten appointed Head of Departments and three Vice Principals, the number of students doubled during my administration, and the analysis of the standardized test results as well as stakeholders surveys showed a remarkable improvement in school and students performance which resulted in the school receiving full accreditation from AdvancED and becoming an IB candidate school. A success story that I will strive to replicate in ASA, with the guidance of the Almighty ALLAH and your help and support.

I was born in Iowa State and lived and worked between the Middle East and the United States as a certified school teacher and administrator. I have always been a strong advocate of the establishment of Islamic institutes in the west, as through Islamic institutions we create a safe haven for the promotion of our core Islamic values and principles. Yet, I believe that Islamic schools must also promote excellent education that prepares our children to be good American citizens who are well equipped with the 21st Century skills and with the knowledge to succeed in their college and career.

I’m looking forward to working with you for the best of our community and for the best interest of our beloved children.

Mootaz Mohamed Koriem

ASA Principal